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About Sarah

Sarah Simpson

I am a Web Developer with a passion for problem solving. I have a strong mathematical and logical mindset from my Finance degree and several years in the banking industry. After HackerYou Bootcamp I am excited to continue my journey honing my front-end skills while continuing to learn new languages.

Outside of work you will find me performing stand up comedy or playing a wide selection of board games.

My Portfolio

Enjoy some of my latest projects that I had fun building.


Can You Make It? Is a user-authenticated platform for sports teams to schedule games and players to respond if they are attending. This was a group project built using React.js and Firebase.

React / Firebase / JavaScript / Gulp/Github


Boggler is an interactive web application that is a twist on the classic game. Built using a Boggle API and Oxford Dictionary API.

jQuery / API / JavaScript / Sass


Law & Sorter is an interactive web application that helps you pick the next Crime TV show to watch.

jQuery / JavaScript / Sass


Created a single page website given a PSD design layout. Pixel perfect & responsive on all screens.

HTML / Sass / Responsive Design

My Awesome Skills

These are some of my technical skills.

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • React

  • Jquery

  • Gulp

  • Git

  • Github

  • Visual Studio

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